One-on-One Coaching

Through individual coaching sessions, explore your personal leadership vision and identify commitments and practices to move into action.

Training & Facilitation

We develop experiential learning modules to help your organization cultivate environments with high employee engagement. 

Keynote Speaking

I launched a "Let's Live in the AND" wellbeing campaign to create conversations around leadership and wellbeing.

Human Capital Consulting

We will clarify your organization’s needs in collaboration with the senior leadership team and develop a strategy and/or plan to increase your organization's outcomes.

People. Learning. Change.

We are committed to promoting wellbeing within people and within organizations.  

Individual wellbeing (physical, emotional, social) allows us to experience the world from an empowered perspective, firmly stepping into and owning our choices and enjoying the freedom that comes from the knowledge that we have the power to do so. Every person is worthy of experiencing that feeling.

Within organizations, employee wellbeing engenders engagement, which begets retention, which generates productivity, which produces outcomes. For many organizations, that outcome is profitability. For others, it is graduation rates or number of constituents served, etc. Regardless, people exist at the center of every outcome. 

People are the foundation of every business. The key is for an organization to understand who its employees are, what those people need, why they need it and how/when to deliver it.

People and organizations can thrive when purpose is intentionally connected to performance.

Picture of Inverted Water Drop

The world continues to test our capacity to deal with change, challenge and uncertainty.

Client Testimonials

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

Start-up Tech Company

I've worked with Shamis for some time and look forward to working with her in the future. As a business owner, before working with Shamis, my organization had stagnated and had little progress. While working with Shamis, I dramatically reduced my personal roadblocks and my business flourished in ways it never had.

Shamis has an uncanny knack to not only divine what's affecting you internally but also, as an executive herself, she knows the practical aspects of navigating the workplace and keeps it real. She cares and wants the best for her clients and I love her approach to helping improve one's whole wellbeing and lifestyle, with improved work performance and leadership being just one result.

Pricing Leader

Pricing Leader

Fortune 500 Computer Software Company

I had the pleasure and honor of working with Shamis as my coach and accountability partner. No question, she is by far the best coach I've had in my personal and professional journeys. Through our work together, I have been able to powerfully lean into my leadership presence both at work and as the board chair for an education nonprofit. I've also recaptured my passion and interest in pursuing creative activities.

What I loved most about working with Shamis is her uncanny ability to help me bring together language, intention and action, which has served me well in my life today. She is an absolute "player's coach" and it has been a godsend working with her.

women empowerment icon

Managing Director

Women's Empowerment-focused Equity Fund and Foundation

I transitioned from a long-term nonprofit leadership role to a new position helping a close friend launch a foundation and equity fund, both focused on women entrepreneurs. Not only did Shamis help me to elevate my confidence and prepare for the transition, but she also helped me to better articulate my human side to others.

She provided me a framework and tools on how to achieve my goals. I found her to be extremely observant and attuned to my communication style and needs. She is an excellent coach and I would highly recommend her to my peers.

cyber by Vectorstall from the Noun Project

Chief Operating Officer

$100M Privately-Held Cyber Solutions Company

Shamis has an incredible gift for making the complex appear simple and, without being simplistic, immersing herself into my ways of working and providing solutions that meet my needs and support the company’s long-term goals. She has helped me to challenge my thinking and, as a result, shaped how I manage my current role, while helping me understand in which direction I want my career to take.

VP & Managing Partner

VP & Managing Partner

Communications Firm

Shamis is a brilliant and powerful coach who leverages her extensive professional background to support the development and advancement of her clients. Under her guidance, I’ve been able to fundamentally transform my business and exceed my personal and professional goals. She’s helped elevate my thinking. I highly recommend Pitts Leadership for any entrepreneur or executive seeking real, measurable results.

VP, Research & Analytics

VP, Research & Analytics

Fortune 1000 Global Beauty Company

This was my first dedicated coaching experience and I thought it was phenomenal. I had high expectations and Shamis delivered! I am more clear and intentional about how I communicate and what I want to create in my communication with others.

Education Industry Icon

Contracts Specialist

Large, established education non-profit

What struck me about this process is that I thought the answers during this journey would come from the "coach". The answers were within me all of this time. I just needed the right person to pull it all out of me and I found it in Shamis! She was an absolute pleasure to work with. While warm and approachable, she can also be firm and direct when needed. She will have you cut through the fluff to get to the "meat" of things. I highly recommend her for her professional coaching services.

Financial Industry Icon

Personal Banker

Fortune 50 Financial Services Company

Coaching with Shamis, I learned to focus on solutions and not problems. That has allowed me to make decisions based on clarity of fact versus emotions. Previously, I felt that I was reactive to events around me but now I feel that I am more proactive and I use critical thinking more in my decision-making.

Jaron Rubenstein

Jaron Rubenstein

President & Founder, RubyApps

Pitts Leadership Consulting delivered a high impact, interactive workshop that engaged our entire staff in the exercise of mindfulness. Through the course of the session our team members learned about the importance of being active, empathetic listeners, as well as how to hone their interpersonal communication skills. Thank you, Shamis and PLC, for a great experience!

Dr. Michelle Duguid

Dr. Michelle Duguid

Assoc. Professor, Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management

Shamis did a phenomenal job with my graduate students at Cornell Tech. Her session on mindfulness and leadership was engaging and challenged participants to approach situations in ways that will lead to more positive results for them and their team. As a researcher, I also appreciated her evidence-based approach. After class, the students remained to talk more about what they learned, which is the greatest sign of success.

Nichole Foster-Hinds

Ms. Nichole Foster-Hinds

Director of Middle School, Holton-Arms School

Shamis spoke to our students and staff about leadership and wellbeing. She was real, inspirational, relatable and, I believe, helpful to both in ways we may not even be able to assess right now. Shamis spoke to them from the heart and from experience.