People are the foundation of every business. People are at the center of every outcome. To maximize productivity, creativity, and innovation within each organization, organizations must do the following:


1- Source and hire people using an inclusive and replicable process
2- Pay fair and equitable compensation
3- Amplify employee outcomes by executing thoughtful onboarding and defining what success looks like for them, their teams and the organization
4- Identify opportunities for continuous learning and development
5- Create conditions for engagement, which include supporting employee wellbeing and fostering a work environment where employees feel they can belong
The key is for each organization to not only understand its business needs, but also to understand who its employees are, what they need, why they need it, and how and when to deliver it. Leaders and managers impact everything that happens and does not happen within an organization. They must build their personal capacity by building their skills AND by building their wellbeing practices. Doing so directly impacts how they will lead and inspire others.

Every PLC engagement is unique. Each one begins with a needs assessment and a clarification of desired outcomes and ends with value creation.


Transformational change takes time and intention, commitment and accountability. Combining consulting and advisory services along with training and facilitated discussion sessions, we facilitate large-scale transformational change initiatives at universities, nonprofits, private and publicly traded companies. Our areas of focus include leadership development, employee engagement, and building and sustaining inclusive culture.


We have expertise in strategic and operational human capital management, as well as in organizational effectiveness and development. We will clarify your organization’s needs and level of buy-in in collaboration with the executive/senior leadership team, and develop a strategy and/or plan to increase your organization’s outcomes.


Our perspective on training is that it must always be coupled with facilitated discussion. No one wants to be “talked at” for an extended period of time. Aligning around key concepts, reflection time and participants engaging in dialogue makes learning sticky. We assess the effectiveness of every session to learn what is working and where there is opportunity to iterate and enhance future sessions, as well as gauge participant learning and commitments to action.


Through individual coaching sessions, leaders explore their vision for the future, identify the pathway to get there, and make commitments to action. Each session creates tangible outcomes. Therefore, each engagement, whether short or long, creates tangible outcomes.


Engagements are primarily focused on being great in the world of work. And, as we know, we are humans, not bots. What happens in our lives outside of work impacts how we are being, so coaching into personal challenges is also on the table.


Our perspective on coaching is that feelings are data that impacts how we view challenges, opportunities and potential solutions. So, be prepared to walk away from sessions more in-tuned to how you feel about what you are up to.


We support organizations with short-term engagements, such as conference keynote speaking, serving on panels, or delivering ad-hoc workshops that are tied to larger initiatives not stewarded by PLC.