Through Pitts Leadership Consulting LLC, we offer an array of services. While every engagement is unique, each one begins with a needs assessment and clarification of desired outcomes and ends with results.

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One-on-One Coaching

Through individual coaching sessions, explore your personal leadership vision and identify commitments and practices to move into action in a particular domain, e.g., career/work, health/body, family/relationships, play/leisure.


Shamis co-creates possibility by focusing on how you get to BE throughout the process. Specifically, she endeavors to connect your feelings with your actions, exploring how mindfulness practices can support your movement from doing to being. Creating successful outcomes begins with your mindset.

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Training & Facilitation

We develop experiential learning modules to help your organization cultivate environments with high employee engagement. Areas of focus: leadership and values, trust building, rapport and communication, team building, diversity and inclusion, onboarding programs and new manager training programs.


Our customized programs incorporate various learning styles and reinforce information retention by employing different active learning modalities.

Shamis Pitts-Pitts Leadership Consulting LLC

Keynote Speaking

In 2020, Shamis launched a "Let's Live in the AND" wellbeing campaign to create conversations around leadership and wellbeing.


We will explore your desired message and learning outcome based on the audience. I will then customize my sharing accordingly to ensure a compelling and thoughtful engagement.

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Human Capital Consulting

We have expertise in strategic and operational human capital management, as well as in organizational effectiveness and development. We will clarify your organization’s needs in collaboration with the senior leadership team and develop a strategy and/or plan to increase your organization's outcomes.


We utilize a problem solving, consultative approach to deliver results that allows for repeatability as well as flexibility.