Our Vision

Individuals exist at the center of their lives and at the center of organizational effectiveness.

Our vision is for people to thrive in both domains.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping people connect to their greatness and to strengthening the employee/employer social contract to support a thriving and engaged workforce.

We co-create outcomes with individuals and organizations by embodying core values:

Authenticity - Integrity - Compassion | Learning - Leadership - Community

Shamis' Story

I launched Pitts Leadership in March 2019 after completing a “year on” of soul searching. For years, I struggled to connect with my purpose and made the decision to step back from the world of work until I could answer the questions - “Why am I here? What do I want to contribute to the world?”

I have always enjoyed serving and supporting others; however, doing so often left me feeling depleted. I always had access to interesting job opportunities, and I would happily accept the challenges presented to me because I loved leveraging what I knew while learning something new. But something was missing. I realized that the “something” was me!  

I was often supporting someone else’s vision for the future without having a commitment to my own. I had been working 70-100 hour weeks, prioritizing work over wellbeing, telling myself that I was doing so in order to support the organizations I was leading and the employees within them.

After taking a step back, I realized - I believe in leading by example. How can I support the wellbeing of others if I am not operating from wellbeing? I then committed to a life of wellbeing - physically, emotionally, socially - and established the support system I needed to be in integrity with that choice.

With Pitts Leadership, I, along with my team and my partners, seek to support individuals and organizations on that journey by providing leadership coaching, training and development, keynote speaking and human capital consulting services. 

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Pitts Leadership leverages my 20 years of experience in strategy, people leadership and business process within human resources management consulting, financial services, education and start-up technology.

I have served as the official mediator and the unofficial heart and soul for many companies. I endeavor to support individuals, teams and organizations to create similar powerful, purposeful experiences.

Shamis Pitts in Morningside Park, Harlem, NY

Shamis Pitts


Before launching Pitts Leadership, I served as Chief Operating Officer for start-up technology companies in the education, music and beauty verticals. Prior to working with start-ups, I performed mission-driven work in both elementary and higher education, allowing me to support the educational growth and personal development of young women and men of color.

I began my career as a human capital management consultant focusing on the development of strategies to increase operational efficiency through the design and implementation of compensation and other human resource structures. I then had progressive responsibilities within a major US bank that spanned internal consulting, business operations and marketing.

I am passionate about mentoring young black women professionals and promoting wellbeing. I am also a Thrive Global contributor.

Pre-pandemic, I enjoyed karaoke and dining with friends. I still love to golf with my husband, Tom, when we can create time in our schedules. I serve on the President’s Council for The Acceleration Project, an innovative, award-winning consulting firm focused on underserved small businesses, particularly women and minority-owned enterprises. I also serve on Cornell Johnson Recent Alumni Council as Alumni Engagement Chair.


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Our Team

Our small yet mighty team, along with our partner organizations, collaborate with our clients every day to deliver impact, leveraging our diverse professional and lived experience.

Shandar Edwards, Director of Operations, Pitts Leadership Consulting LLC

Shandar Edwards

Director of Operations

Judy Bigelow, Admin Extraordinaire, Pitts Leadership Consulting LLC

Judy Bigelow

Admin Extraordinaire

Shandar walks alongside Shamis in all things, ensuring that all Pitts Leadership project work is executed with excellence. With her background of 10+ years in business operations and project management, she has worked in the non-profit, education and start-up industries. Shandar is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)® and received her BA in Management and Administration from The City College of New York.

Judy brings 25+ years of experience in business administration and event management across a variety of industries, including industrial, non-profit, and consulting. Through her expertise in software, office processes and media platforms, Judy ensures that our training and facilitation sessions and related activities are executed smoothly and keeps our virtual office running smoothly.