Shamis Pitts in Sag Harbor, Wellbeing Campaign

Spiritual Wellbeing: Why and How I Committed to a Mindfulness Practice

I grew up in a diverse family within a diverse community in Maryland, outside of Washington, DC. From a religious perspective, I was raised Muslim, my family on my mother’s side is Christian and many of the people in my childhood neighborhood were Jewish. I believe that is part of the beauty of living within a few miles of our nation’s capital. Different people. Different worldviews. Different experiences. Yet, we all managed to come together in so many lovely ways.

Shamis Pitts in DUMBO, BK, Wellbeing Campaign

Mental Wellbeing: It was a long time coming

My mother died suddenly after an operation when I was 17. We buried her, rented an RV and drove from Maryland to Orlando, FL, went to Disney World and drove home. Then, I packed up my life and moved away to start my freshman year in college. Within one month, I went from thriving high school senior, feeling on top of the world, to a motherless daughter navigating the academic and social demands of university life.

Shamis Pitts in the Wellbeing Campaign

Physical Wellbeing: How I Got Re-Started

In 2019, I was “all in” on my mental wellbeing. Physical wellbeing? Not so much. My year was filled with minor health challenges that were directly related to my lack of physical exercise. Since I had set the intention of being bold in 2020, I realized that to create boldness in the future meant I must be bold in the present.