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EBN: 10 execs share the best books they read in 2023

Employee Benefit News 10 execs share the best books they read in 2023 by Lee Heffner featuring Shamis Pitts December 15, 2023   From CEOs to heads of HR, today’s leaders know the value of reading for personal and professional growth. EBN asked ten top executives for the books...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 15th Dec 2023
ELC Journal: The ROI of Rapport: 4 Steps to Build Your Confidence and Career Trajectory without Telling Everyone All of Your Personal Business

The Winter 2023 edition of The Executive Leadership Council’s A Research Journal for Black Professionals is here! Alongside researchers and scholars who are all dedicated to finding solutions to challenges Black professionals face in corporate America today, it was a pleasure to be the author of, “The ROI of...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 14th Dec 2023
PLC Newsletter: Lessons from the Green

Playing golf is my joy. It’s a way for me to leave the challenges of work and life aside and spend quality time outside. I began spending time on the course 13 years ago, first riding alongside my spouse in the cart, watching him play the game he loves...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 13th Dec 2023