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PLC Newsletter: The Value of Knowing Your Organization’s and Your Personal Values

The Pitts Leadership Consulting team recently celebrated five years in business. We are grateful that we made it to this important milestone. We are not throwing ourselves a big party this year because we are laser-focused on growing the business and positioning ourselves for what is next. That said,...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 28th Mar 2024
#OpenToWork: Ideas to Enhance Job Search Success

According to the Bureau of Statistics (BLS), the U.S. economy added 353,000 jobs in January 2024. That sounds fabulous. However, if you are out there looking for a new job, those numbers may just feel like theoretical talking points. There are thousands of people out there #opentowork, hoping to...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 28th Feb 2024
ELC Journal: The ROI of Rapport: 4 Steps to Build Your Confidence and Career Trajectory without Telling Everyone All of Your Personal Business

The Winter 2023 edition of The Executive Leadership Council’s A Research Journal for Black Professionals is here! Alongside researchers and scholars who are all dedicated to finding solutions to challenges Black professionals face in corporate America today, it was a pleasure to be the author of, “The ROI of...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 14th Dec 2023
PLC Newsletter: Leading through Change: 3 Essential Elements for Your Toolkit

Change fatigue is real. And we know that change is one of life’s certainties. We navigated it pre-pandemic in a way that worked for us or not. And now that we are living with change post-pandemic – whether we are choosing when and how we want to work or...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 23rd Aug 2023
Reimagining the Job Search: Prioritizing Work Environment before Role

The article, Reimagining the Job Search: Prioritizing Work Environment before Role, by Shamis Pitts, originally appeared in NCDA’s web magazine, Career Convergence, at Copyright © February 2023.  Reprinted with permission.   Job searches often focus on finding the best job fit without substantive consideration for the best organizational...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 01st Feb 2023