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Emotional Wellbeing: Learning How to Listen to My Body

My body has a voice. It shouts at me when I am nervous, anxious, excited or afraid. It whispers at me when I am peaceful, calm and relaxed. The funny thing is that it has been talking to me for YEARS and somehow, I simply did not listen. How...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 11th May 2020
Overcoming the “Angry Black Woman” Trope

Recently, I was on the New York City subway. It was crowded and I ended up standing body to body with other folks. I stood close to the subway car entrance because there was nowhere else to go. Right as the doors were closing, a man, his young son...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 18th Feb 2020
Shamis Pitts / 0 / 06th Feb 2020