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My 2020 Wellbeing Campaign: Key Takeaways

Never in a million years when I launched my wellbeing campaign on January 1, 2020, could I have imagined what was to come. With COVID-19 ravaging the world, the overdue racial reckoning, record devastation from climate change and perpetual political turmoil, wellbeing became one of the most desired and...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 29th Dec 2020
Shamis Pitts / 0 / 09th Jun 2020
How to Balance Autonomy and Authenticity to Support Positive Team Dynamics

I will never forget the day I was sitting in a leadership class in business school and I had a major “aha” moment. My professor was taking us through Dr. Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats® framework, which separates thinking into six distinct categories. Each category has its own...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 28th May 2020
How Self-Acceptance and a Commitment to Personal Growth Can Increase Psychological Wellbeing

As part of mental health awareness month, I am compelled to create a conversation about psychological wellbeing. A component of mental wellbeing, the other two being emotional and social, I like to refer to psychologist Carol D. Ryff’s Psychological Wellbeing (PWB) Scale as the go-to framework for wrapping my...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 23rd May 2020
Social Wellbeing: Finding New Ways to Embrace My Mental Health

The idea of social wellbeing is being turned on its head these days. One of the three components of mental wellbeing, the other two being emotional and psychological, social wellbeing has taken on a whole new meaning. Our social wellbeing, or lack thereof, is being scrutinized with an entirely...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 13th May 2020
Emotional Wellbeing: Learning How to Listen to My Body

My body has a voice. It shouts at me when I am nervous, anxious, excited or afraid. It whispers at me when I am peaceful, calm and relaxed. The funny thing is that it has been talking to me for YEARS and somehow, I simply did not listen. How...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 11th May 2020
My Story: Journey from Burnout to Wellbeing

Earlier this year my friend, Cait Donovan, interviewed me for FRIED: The Burnout Podcast. In it, I share my burnout story. Then, I explain how I began to prioritize my wellbeing and decided to launch Pitts Leadership Consulting LLC. Launch the link! My Mindfulness Practice Helped My Self-Awareness A...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 27th Apr 2020
Special Series: Connecting, learning and sharing in the time of COVID-19

In this special series, I will be sharing thoughts, feelings and learning as WE navigate this emerging and evolving COVID-19 (aka novel coronavirus) landscape. My intention is to use this as a mechanism to connect and support all of you…and myself too! Sending love and hugs, each and every...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 21st Mar 2020
Societal and Mental Wellbeing: Remaining Nimble and Flexible in a Changing Environment

I was wondering when I would be compelled to sit down and write about the importance of societal wellbeing, i.e., the ability to actively participate in a thriving community, culture and environment. Well, there is no time like the present. The past three weeks have been playing out like...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 16th Mar 2020
Natoshia’s Journey Towards Mental Wellbeing & Connecting with Grace

In this interview, Natoshia talks about her challenge with mental wellbeing – how she wants to “show up” each day – and how her commitment to herself impacts how she models leadership for students. Natoshia works at an institution of higher education in leadership development. If you prefer to...

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Shamis Pitts / 0 / 04th Mar 2020