HR Jolt: Wellbeing Practices: 5 Tips for You and Your Team

Author: Shamis Pitts

HR Jolt – Q2 2021 Edition
Wellbeing Practices: 5 Tips for You & Your Team
by Shamis Pitts
April 27, 2021

Many people like to say that the universal truths are death and taxes. These days, I like to say that there was a lot going on pre-COVID-19, there is a lot going on now and there will likely be a lot going on post-COVID-19. Truth! Given who we are and what we are committed to creating and sustaining in the world, i.e., healthy people experiences within healthy organizations, we need to stay vigilant and responsive to the needs of humans so they can thrive and produce tangible outcomes. AND we need to ensure that WE, as practitioners, are healthy and thriving. This is not an “either/or” conversation. Both things are true as we model wellbeing.

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