PRESS RELEASE: Leadership coach launches 2020 wellbeing campaign

Author: Shamis Pitts

NEW YORK, New York—January 28, 2020

“New year, new you.” It’s a common mantra this time of year, but for one reason or another, many of us don’t reach the goals we’ve set. Leadership Coach Shamis Pitts understands struggling in one’s work and personal life. To share her personal journey and inspire others to lead by example, she launched a “Let’s Live in the AND” campaign dedicated to achieving wellness in one’s life and work. Through her campaign website,, she shares her thoughts about leadership and how that intersects with personal and professional wellbeing. Most importantly, that performance and wellbeing can co-exist.

Pitts’ campaign focuses on her six pillars of wellbeing. These are mental (emotional, psychological, and social), physical, spiritual, and societal. She believes working towards each is a key to achieving one’s goals, especially in today’s world. Through a year-long campaign, she hopes to inspire site visitors to explore their own personal and professional wellbeing and to connect with the fact that we are all leaders with the power to influence others. The site has easy graphics at the top to help one keep track of how many days are left in the year, as well as reminders of the six pillars, and that this is a day-by-day process.

Pitts is a black woman business leader who wants to contribute her unique voice while making the distinction that she is not special. Said Pitts about her challenge, “I am speaking from my own worldview, as a human with a diverse personal and professional background who has experienced a number of ups and downs during my years on this earth, as we all have.” She also shared her long personal challenge with work/life balance and the impact it had on her health. Pitts hopes to start a conversation about wellbeing and keep it in the forefront of readers’ minds.

As part of this challenge, visitors are challenged to explore ways to manage their stress, as well as bounce back from challenges. The site also prioritizes the importance of healthy eating and exercise, as well as supporting one’s spiritual health in order to find inner peace and harmony. Just as importantly, the campaign will focus on relationships. Focuses include building a support system, which is key in any business or personal undertaking. Finally, the campaign also emphasizes the importance of participating in and contributing to a thriving community.

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