Special Series: Connecting, learning and sharing in the time of COVID-19

Author: Shamis Pitts

In this special series, I will be sharing thoughts, feelings and learning as WE navigate this emerging and evolving COVID-19 (aka novel coronavirus) landscape. My intention is to use this as a mechanism to connect and support all of you…and myself too! Sending love and hugs, each and every day, to everyone in the world.

Week of 4/26/20

I am wrapping up this series. Hope that you have learned as much about yourself as I have learned about myself.

How are you being patient with yourself? With others?

What are you going to prioritize to scale back so you can make space for what you want to happen?

Week of 4/12/20
Who are you grateful for? What are you grateful for?

What’s working?

Week of 4/5/20

What are you proud of?

What request have you made recently for support?

What are you learning?

Week of 3/29/20

When’s the last time you stopped and took a deep breath?

What do you have to share with somebody else to move forward today?

How are you being to yourself?

Week of 3/22/20

What is something that you have experienced when you ventured outside?
How did that make you feel?

How are you connecting with stillness?

What are you creating?

What are you doing with this gift of time?

What are you learning?

3/21/20 Inaugural Series Post

What’s working?

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